Two spirits, one calling: There’s only one Arval!

dottore Arval is the result of a combination that is widely found worldwide in other equally outstanding cases, in a number of completely different sectors: it is the balance of scientific rigour, which in this case is markedly Swiss, and all-Italian resourcefulness; these two poles attract each other and, when they meet, they always create something profoundly new. Combined with an aura of invincible charm, which always helps. The research and development of Arval’s specialties takes place at its laboratories in Switzerland, whereas the entire sales, marketing and product design phase takes place in Italy. Di fatto ricerca e sviluppo delle specialità Arval avviene nei propri laboratori in Svizzera, mentre tutta la fase commerciale, di marketing e di concezione del prodotto avvengono in Italia.

Arval was founded in 1955 by Dr. Virgilio Vitali, a qualified physician and dermatologist, with a scientific, rigorous approach. Even after the death of Dr. Vitali in 2000, his family retained ownership of the company and has continued the work begun by its founder, which has therefore made Arval an interesting “anomaly” in the Italian cosmetics market.

Our mission

Arval’s mission is to improve and support beauty and the different needs of skin by researching and developing specific high-quality, effective and safe cosmetic products and treatments certified by its Laboratories.

Today and in the future our focus is on research and development, with the aim of adapting and updating Arval’s specialties so that we can always offer the best products on the market, therefore addressing and supporting women’s - but also men’s - beauty and well-being needs.
Our research and development department strives to pursue Arval’s mission in a continuous process which, thanks to the evolution in the discovery of new raw materials and technologies, will never cease.

ARVAL: a history of passion

More than 60 years of successes, new discoveries and advanced formulas to help improve beauty through scientific research and experimentation. The pursuit of excellence: a passion that originated from Arval’s founder, Dr. Vitali, which is brought to life every day through his family’s commitment.

From production to distribution

Arval is a family-run company that manages the supply chain and the know-how involved to bring products to consumers.

  •   WHAT WE DO:

    • Research and development
    • Control and quality
    • Cosmetic surveillance
    • Production
    • Industrialisation
    • Administration
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Customer service
    • Training service
    • Planning
    • Our network of sole agents
    • Arval’s exclusive beauty consultants

Arval a Sion

Arval has brought about great innovations and successes in the field of cosmetology, such as the study and first uses of Vitamin A, Retinol, Liposomes and Coenzyme Q10.
All Arval cosmetic preparations are made with water from the springs of the Arolla Glacier that flows from the Swiss Alps. Many treatment lines by other major cosmetic brands are produced at Arval’s Laboratories on behalf of third parties.

About Us
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Arval a Milano

Our product designs come to life in the heart of Milan. Through cooperation between all corporate departments, we offer our customers a global, high-quality service so that we can establish a relationship based on dialogue and mutual trust.


The evolution of the logo

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The first logo was created with the founding of Laboratoires Biologiques s.a. 

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When Arval Italia was established, a logo similar to the Swiss one was created, linking but distinguishing the work of the two offices

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In the early 1970s, the logo was changed to make it look “more modern”, with clean and linear lines. The red badge appeared, synonymous with exclusivity and Swiss quality

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SINCE 2010

The logo was enriched with a branding slogan “La cosmetica svizzera dal cuore italiano” (Swiss cosmetics with an Italian heart) to express what we are and what we want to communicate through our work and our products, characterised by excellent Swiss cosmeceutical quality and Italian originality