Half Times face SPF 8

Half Times face SPF 8

fast tanning face 2 bottle + 2 tube 10 ml

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Half Times Face, for people who want to achieve a golden look quickly and intensify their face tan. The perfect synergy between two special products (to be applied before and after sunbathing) provides a balanced screen against UV rays and helps build up a rapid even tan.

• Quick tanner face SPF 8 (to be used in the sun):
Super-concentrated fluid enriched with extracts of vegetable origin: avocado oil with moisturising and restorative action, milk thistle oil with anti-oxidant action, to help keep the skin moisturised and fight ageing caused by UV rays, sun, wind, chlorine, salt air. To rapidly achieve an even golden sheen, leaving the skin soft and supple. In a practical roll-on container for quick and easy application.
• Quick fixer (to be used after sunbathing):
A rich creamy balm, fixes the tan and helps restore the skin's equilibrium, preparing it for further sunbathing.

Active Ingredients
• Quick tanner face
Avocado Oil: dermoprotective emollient.
Milk Thistle Oil: anti-oxidant action.
• Quick fixer
Walnut Husk Extract: tan activator.
Horse Chestnut Extract: protective action on capillary walls.
Panthenol: soothing and refreshing action.
The box contains 2 roll-on bottles of quick tanner face SPF 8 + 2 tubes of quick fixer.

How to use
When sunbathing apply the quick tanner face and re-apply after each swim. For very fair skins or if the sun is very strong, before using the quick tanner face apply a sunscreen with a higher SPF suitable for your phototype. After sunbathing, apply the quick fixer evenly to achieve a deeper tan.

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