Half Times


Thanks to its constantly evolving research, always ready to fulfil any type of dermocosmetic need, Arval has created the Half Times line – a complete range of sun care and self-tanning products, designed with particular attention to the formulas so as to guarantee rapid and quality results, in complete safety. The dermo solar tanning and after sun range combines a selection of active ingredients enclosed in exclusive complexes that can activate, accelerate, intensify and prolong the tan, whereas the self-tanning products, which are enriched with a specific mix of promoting substances for the skin pigmentation process, provide a concrete solution for those who wish for a quick and naturally amber complexion, without exposing themselves to the sun. All products are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

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Tan Times face

concentrated anti-aging elixir – quick self tanner bottle 30ml

Concentrated elixir in drops with a self-tanning and anti-aging action, offering a naturally tanned and perfectly even complexion from the very first application. Thanks to the presence of highly mois..

Tan Times body

enlightening fluid – quick self tanner bottle 150ml

A fluid with a self-tanning action, ideal for the body and legs, it offers a naturally tanned, perfectly even complexion from the very first application, giving uniform colour and light to the skin an..

Half Times SPF6

fast tanning 5 bottle + 5 tube 10ml

An exclusive tan accelerator composed of a synergetic system of 2 special products (to be applied before and after sun exposure). It combines a balanced screen against harmful UV rays and makes it pos..

Half Times SPF6

fast tanner & fast fixer 3 bottle + 3 tube 10 ml

An exclusive tan accelerator composed of a synergetic system of 2 special products (to be applied before and after sun exposure). It combines a balanced screen against harmful UV rays and makes it p..

Full Times SPF6

super-intensive tanning cream bottle 150ml

An SPF cream, perfect for those who dream of a fast, intense and long-lasting tan. Thanks to a specific tanning complex, ACTIVE BRONZING COMPLEX, a potent mix of melanin stimulators, it helps ..

Ultra Times SPF6

spray tanning oil bottle 125ml

Ultra-tanning SPF oil, that sinks in fast, is not greasy and leaves the skin soft and elastic. Thanks to its dual-action, protective and ultra-nourishing formula, enriched with ACTIVE BRONZI..

Sun Times

ultra-tanning cream bottle 150ml

A cream that intensifies the tan, enriched with ACTIVE BRONZING, it helps activate melanin production, promoting a faster, more even and long-lasting tan. It amplifies and intensifies the sk..

Water Times

moisturising tanning water face and body bottle 300ml

A fresh and gentle water that extends the tan thanks to its specific formula, enriched with BIOSUGAR COMPLEX, an active complex that stimulates the synthesis of melanin and speeds up the skin’s na..

Active Times

multi-function tanning gel bottle 150ml

A surprising hydrogel texture, enriched with MAGIC TAN COMPLEX, a complex of specific active ingredients that help activate the natural production of melanin, while moisturising and protecting..

Infinity Times

moisturising tan extender cream tube 150ml

A cream with an extremely silky and velvety texture that, following sun exposure, intensely moisturises, repairs and soothes the skin while helping relieve and counter skin irritation caused b..

After Times

Tan optimising fluid face & body bottle 400ml

A pleasant after-sun fluid in a light and non-sticky texture, it is ideal for offering a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfortable nourishment after a day spent in the sun. Thanks to the e..

Half Sun Glow

waterproof bronzer case 8g

Soft compact powder with high blendability, which thanks to the particular combination of pearls and ultra-performing pigments, adheres perfectly to the skin, forming a thin film of lig..

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