Makeup has extremely ancient origins; all the cosmetics that we have available today are the result of centuries of history, discoveries, and traditions that have evolved over time and have gradually interlaced with science.
Beauty was worshipped already in ancient Egypt: Cleopatra’s people were among the first to develop a wide assortment of cosmetic products and record its importance in their culture.

Today, makeup is oriented towards demanding, elegant, modern women who refuse to settle for just colours, as refined and current as they may be.
What count most are textures - with varying pigmentation and colour intensity, the evening effect, protection from the sun, brightness, transparency, the matte effect, and lasting over time. Makeup must be beautiful to see but its specific nature plays a very important role in choosing makeup products. The compositions of the formulas must have highly functional features, such as: being easy to apply and remove when cleansing, helping protect the skin from external attacks (solar radiation, wind, pollution...), treating skin blemishes, having the capacity of not highlighting wrinkles and expression lines. In so doing, makeup becomes an amazing ally, as it is able to respect and protect the skin while also enhancing facial features and eliminating small defects.

Cosmetics Makeup is not only colour and application but also protection and well-being for the skin; not only does it take care of its appearance but it gives special attention to its specific needs.

A new category of makeup, with unique innovative textures that offer:
 - Even colour - unsightly “cakey face” be gone

 - Glowing face
 - “Nude skin” effect
 - Velvety feel
 - Fluidity to the max and ease of application
 - Long-lasting
 - Extreme silkiness and smoothness

Creamy, fluid, compact, and spray textures: to even out your complexion and make your skin even brighter. The perfect base is the first step to flawless makeup.

Mascara, eye pencils, eyeliner, and eye shadow: to accentuate and define your gaze with a sophisticated or natural look, with decisive or smoky colours. Eye makeup distinguishes the expressivity of your gaze.

Lipsticks and lip liners: to perfect the contours of your lips with natural or accentuated tones. Colour on your lips enhances your face, expressing your identity.

Specific base coats: to give your nails protection and resistance, smoothing them, and making it easier to apply coloured varnish. Healthy nails play an important role in a person’s appearance.