Nail base and top coat bottle 11 ml

Nail base and top coat bottle 11 ml

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Transparent base, easy and fast to apply. Used as a base, protects the nails from the coloured pigments creating a protective screen. Levigates the surface and ease the application of the coloured nail polish.
Used as a refinishing, help to inhance the nail polish shineness and maintain it longer.

Active ingredients
Transparent formula, easy and fast to apply, cellulose nitrate base to amplify the nail polish adherence, give shininess and resistance against chips and scratches. Levigates the nail surface to ensure aneasier and uniformer colour application.

As a base: the nail surface is recovered with a uniform layer that protect the colour and prolonge its duration.
The nail is protected from turning yellow and stains.

As a finish: the colour, enclosed as in a mirror that amplifies its shininess, is revived, intensified and preserved in the time.
Manicure last longer.

As a base, apply on the cleaned nail, leave it dry and prosecute the nail
Polish Application.
As a finish, apply over the polish nail perfectly dried.

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