Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun

velvety after sun spray bottle 150 ml

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An aftersun spray with a completely innovative formula, dry and transparent, for immediate moisturising action after sunbathing. Non-sticky, quickly absorbed, the fine spray from the 360° multi-directional continuous- release dispenser forms an invisible protective silky film on the skin. A unisex product for the body, its rapid application means you can get dressed immediately without marking your clothes. Leaves an emollient film on the skin for rapid lasting relief after exposure to the sun.

Active Ingredients
Calendula Oil: medicinal plant known for its moisturising and soothing properties. Its high vitamin A content replenishes and re-epithelises.
Shea Butter: natural substance that softens, moisturises and replenishes the skin barrier.

How to use
For quick and even application, spray directly on the skin at a distance of about 10 cm. The product dries immediately; it can be spread by massaging gently with the hands.

DO NOT spray on face and on damaged skin. Avoid inhaling the spray. Do not spray on eyes.

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