Clean and ocean friendly solar formulas conceived with a new «green» filter system and only «essential» active ingredients to ensure quality, effectiveness and sensoriality. A complete range of textures respectful of the skin and the environment, suitable for all skin types and needs.



A high-performance protective milk, designed exclusively for the protection of fragile and delicate skin of children. Also suitable for children under 3 years. protection



A complete range of sun tanning products, designed with particular attention to formulations to ensure fast and quality results, in complete safety. The tanning and after-sun range combines a selection of active ingredients, enclosed in exclusive complexes that can activate, accelerate, intensify, and prolong the tan.



Self-tanning products, enriched with a specific mix of substances promoting the skin pigmentation process, offer a concrete answer for those who want to obtain a rapid and naturally amber color, without exposure to the sun.


Milk - spray - cream lotion - stick - makeup
Different textures that offer protection and preserve the well-being of the skin, not only during but also after exposure to the sun and throughout the day.
Fluid texture that ensures easy and quick application, pleasantly scented.
Oil - cream - gel - water
Superconcentrated texture, rich in nutrients and dermo protective that defend the skin from dehydration by intensifying the tan.
Fluid - serum
Super compact and modular textures, quick absorption. Easy to apply, leave no traces.