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Half Times SPF 6

fast tanning 5 bottle + 5 tube 10 ml

The synergetic effect of 2 special products (for application before and after sunbathing) provides a balanced screen against harmful UV rays and makes it possible to develop a perfect tan in just a f..

Hydra bronze water

face & body tanning water bottle 300 ml

A delicate and fresh product that, thanks to its particular formulation in a single gesture promotes the natural process of tanning during sun exposure. Rehydrate the skin leaving it tonic and supple..

Half Times face SPF 8

fast tanning face 2 bottle + 2 tube 10 ml

Half Times Face, for people who want to achieve a golden look quickly and intensify their face tan. The perfect synergy between two special products (to be applied before and after sunbathing) provi..

Sun times

tanning cream no filter bottle 150 ml

A special cream formula with no UV screening filters, for use at the end of the holiday to intensify the depth of the tan. The formulation is a concentrate of eudermic oils and vegetable extracts, wh..

Intensive Bronzer

intensive tanning balm jar 150 ml

An amber-coloured balm for skins that tan easily or to enhance the intensity of an existing tan. A meltingly soft velvety texture that spreads easily over the skin to create a protective film. The s..

Full times SPF 6

concentrated super tanning cream SPF 6 tube 150 ml

A suncream rich in tanning and emollient active ingredients for super comfort. Helps keep the skin moisturised and firm when sunbathing, and prevent irritation, redness and dryness. Also ideal for l..

Half Times SPF 6

fast tanning single-dose 1 bottle + 1 tube 10 ml

The synergetic effect of 2 special products (for application before and after sunbathing) provides a balanced screen against harmful UV rays and makes it possible to develop a perfect t..

Half Sun Glow

waterproof bronzer case 8 g

Soft compact powder with high blendability, which thanks to the particular combination of pearls and ultra-performing pigments, adheres perfectly to the skin, forming a thin film of lig..

Ultra bronze oil SPF 6

sun tanning oil bottle 125 ml

Super tanning sun oil, quickly absorbed, non-greasy, non-sticky, keeps the skin soft and supple. Rich in eudermic oils of vegetable origin, protects the skin from irritation, redness and rashes. Also..

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