Hydra Hand Care

Hydra Hand Care

protective Hand Treatment tube 100 ml

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A rich lotion with a lightweight texture, it blends into the skin to provide the right level of moisture and help prevent dry skin.

Actions And Effects
It creates a light, non-greasy film that wraps the skin of the hands like a protective glove against external agents. Enriched with Sea water and functional ingredients with an emollient and soothing action, it helps to protect dehydrated skin from the effects of cold and wind. Its pleasantly soft and non-sticky texture is immediately absorbed, giving relief to the dry, lacked skin of its natural hydrolipidic film. A daily beauty treatment that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth in every season.

Active Principles
Sea Water: highly moisturising and supplening properties.
Allantoin: with hydrating and soothing properties.
Sweet Almond Oil: for a softening, soothing action.
Hamamelis Water and Camomile Extract: sselected for their soothing and softening properties, they help to leave the skin soft and smooth.

Ideal for those who want a moisturizing, rich and comfortable hands.

Apply daily or as needed. Massage until fully absorbed, especially around the nails. In the case of increased skin dryness, use it as a night mask, applying a thicker layer and allowing the product to penetrate by wearing cotton gloves.

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