Half Sun Glow

Half Sun Glow

waterproof bronzer case 8g

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Soft compact powder with high blendability, which thanks to the particular combination of pearls and ultra-performing pigments, adheres perfectly to the skin, forming a thin film of light and color on the face. The formula is enriched with water-repellent active ingredients that form a barrier against water and moisture; a melanin activator obtained through a bio fermentation process, offers the complexion an intense and lasting tan while contributing to give a soft and hydrated skin feeling, all day long. Its particular texture, not dusty, allows to modulate the application of the product, obtaining a more or less tanned color. Universal tone, ideal for all skin types. It does not contain solar filters.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients

Tanning activator: glycoprotein obtained following a particular process of bio fermentation of the leaves of an evergreen shrub (Eriodictryon Californicum - Holy Grass), helps to stimulate the synthesis of melanin, giving the face a uniform and luminous color. Also recognized for its moisturizing properties, it does not dry the skin but keeps it elastic throughout the day.
Water repellent ingredients: they form a barrier effect against water and humidity.
High-tech pigments: they adhere perfectly to the skin, for a uniform complexion, without stains of color.

How to use

Take the product with a specific brush, apply the earth with circular movements starting from the central areas of the face and fading towards the contours: forehead, nose and chin, and finally the upper part of the cheekbones. Delicate gently on the neck and on the décolleté.

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