Solutions - Antiwrinkle Treatment

Solutions - Antiwrinkle Treatment

intensive anti-wrinkle treatment bottle 30 ml

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Intensive 24-hour anti-age treatment with a creamy texture that is quickly absorbed, fights wrinkles and loss of tone. Re-stabilises the correct water balance for immediate comfort and active supplening, anti-dryness protection. The skin is more toned and revitalised, the wrinkles are smoothed and the signs of expression are minimised.

Active Principles
Oligopeptides Complex: executes a global action against the signs of time. Restores suppleness and tone reducing wrinkles and expression lines.
Ceramides: anti-dryness, compacting effect.
Vitamin B5 (Panthenol): soothing, moisturising.
Metilsilanol Mannuronato: moisturising,anti free-radicals.
Jojoba Oil: lipo-restorative, anti-dryness.
Macadamia Oil: strengthens the hydolipid film, improves moisture, nourishes and
soothes the skin.
Extract of Eucalyptus: refreshing, helps heal.
Shea Butter: nourishing, emollient.

Day/night treatment, to improve the condition of tired, dry and lifeless skin. Apply after the Face scrub. Press the dispenser 1 - 2 times and apply on clean skin with light movements.

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