Emergency Cream SPF20

Emergency Cream SPF20

anti-redness anti-aging cream jar 50 ml

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A day treatment with anti-redness action, with an enveloping, creamy texture that immediately blends into the skin, giving a feeling of comfort and a pleasant radiance to the complexion.

Actions And Effects

Thanks to the innovative and specific anti-couperose, anti-redness and anti-aging AC Complex Plus, it performs a targeted and effective soothing and protective action that helps reduce the signs of couperose, the common redness typical of sensitive and reactive skin and the redness caused by rosacea. The presence of functional ingredients with anti-aging and anti-pollution action, together with the SPF20 sunscreen, forms a protective shield that does not feel heavy on the skin and actively defends it against external aggressors. It is an ideal treatment for mature skin, to soothe and provide immediate and lasting relief.

Active Principles
AC Complex Plus: anti-redness, soothing, vaso-protective, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action, offering relief and overall protection.
Moringa Oil: thanks to its emollient action, it helps soothe reddened skin and fight free radicals caused by pollution.
Nasturtium Extract: it is recognised for its multiple actions it soothes, moisturises, protects against oxidative stress caused by environmental factors, such as pollution. Helps combat redness and skin aging.
Caesalpinia Spinosa Extract: a plant native to Peru whose extract is recognised for its fi lm-forming properties, it forms a light, permeable fi lm that helps protect the skin from external aggressors.


After cleansing, apply the cream to the face and neck and massage in gently until completely absorbed.

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