Instant Direct Action SPF30

Instant Direct Action SPF30

day firming soothing treatment jar 50 ml

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Cream with a rich, silky texture enriched with special colour pigments to even out and protect the complexion during the day.

Actions and Effects

Acts as a barrier against external aggression and ensures soothing and vasoprotective action, offering relief for skin alterations related to capillary fragility. An SPF30 filter complex defends the skin from the harmful effects caused by sunlight.

Active Principles
AC complex.
Natural complex consisting of Fructose and Indian Ginseng root (Withania Somnifera): ensures adequate protection against pollution and particulates, helping to prevent damage caused by blue light (HEV).
Hyaluronic Acid: anti-ageing properties and improve skin moisture.
Shea Butter: anti-ageing properties and improve skin tone.
Almond Oil: anti-ageing properties and improve skin suppleness.

Recommended for mature skin that also needs an intense anti-ageing, toning and restructuring action.

After cleansing the face with a Couperoll cleanser, apply the cream on the face, neck and décolleté with small strokes and massage gently with slow, circular movements until fully absorbed.

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