Water Times

Water Times

moisturising tanning water face and body bottle 300ml

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A fresh and gentle water that extends the tan thanks to its specific formula, enriched with BIOSUGAR COMPLEX, an active complex that stimulates the synthesis of melanin and speeds up the skin’s natural pigmentation mechanism. Salt-repellent, it helps remove the annoying residues of sea salt from the skin, offering relief from the feeling of heat, for a pleasant refreshing and tonifying feeling. 

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Active ingredients
Biosugar Complex: melanin stimulator, naturally accelerates tanning.
Moisturising sugar from biofermentation: protects the skin from aggression from the sun and salt, freshness effect.
Pullulan: polysaccharide generated by biofermentation with a silky smooth effect on the skin. 
Hydromoist: moisturising activator.

How to use
Apply the product to the face, body and hair with the spray for an immediate sensation of freshness. Can be applied on top of your usual sun cream.

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