Extreme Waterproof

Extreme Waterproof

protective lengthening mascara fl. 11 ml

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Extremely long-lasting mascara, perfect for those who wish to always have their lashes on display. The unique, intense black texture creates a thin, light film that gives depth to the gaze. A waterproof formula ideal for non-stop weekends with defined and flawless lashes. Rich in active substances with a repairing, regenerating and antioxidant action, it keeps the lashes perfectly healthy and protects them against any kind of stress caused by the prolonged use of make-up products. Easy to remove with biphasic make-up remover.


Features of the ingredients

- Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract: its anti-ageing, regenerating, and protective properties help effectively counter skin ageing.

- Vitamin E: anti-oxidant, fights free radicals.

- Sunflower (Sunflower Oil): with protective, regenerating and emollient action, it helps repair damaged structures and protect against damage caused by external agents.

- Macadamia Oil: due to its emollient and regenerating properties, it is perfect for restoring moisture and softness.

How to use

Apply the mascara from the root of the eyelashes to the ends. For a more intense result, let it dry for a few moments and repeat the application a second time.

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