antiwrinkle restoring cream jar 50 ml

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Balsam-cream with a rich and full-bodied texture to restore the well-being of damaged and dry skin, lacking in essential lipids.

Actions And Effects
Rich and full-bodied treatment that offers a real protective barrier for skins faced with aggressive external agents such as intense cold, wind or continual temperature changes. Enriched with avocado oil that softens and minimises the signs of expression of dry skin. The nourishing elements in high concentrations helps to rebalance the lipid shortage of the skin, whilst the pool of functional and Active Principles confer a new brightness, suppleness and smoothness to devitalised skin.

Active Principles
Avocado Oil: sebum-restorative, riepithelializing, emollient.
Plant-derived squalene: powerful emollient.

Vitamin E: anti-oxidant, anti free-radical.
Bee's Wax: dermo-protective, emollient.
Hydrolised Soya Protein: stimulating, oxidizing.

24-hour treatment. For "withered" skins that have been prematurely marked by the wind or sun it should be used daily as a protective treatment, before and after any outdoor activity or as an emergency mask-pack to restore the skin. In conditions of intense cold it is perfect as a rebalancing and anti-wrinkle night treatment.

Apply on a perfectly clean face, avoiding the eye contour area. As a mask-pack: apply a thick layer, leave for 30 minutes, deb with a cloth soaked in warm water and then remove.

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