Antimacula, effective on all spots for an instant glow.

Antimacula, a specialist skincare line developed to treat skin dyschromia with brightening and lightening products, enriched with targeted anti-ageing active ingredients, which are all formulated for the specific needs of each area of the face. A range that includes a multifunctional cleanser and three treatment products to fight skin dyschromia. In addition to having a depigmenting, lightening and illuminating action, it contains specific active ingredients for a smoothing effect, which help to eliminate surface skin cells. The skin will look more radiant and even.
All the products in the range have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and nickel tested*.
*Nickel in traces lower than 0,00001%.

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Brightening cleanser & scrub

Anti-blemish scrub cleanser tube 200 ml

Actions And Effects Scrub cleanser with lightening action, boosts natural cell turnover for a more radiant complexion, leaving skin moisturised and luminous. ..

Face & neck cream SPF30

Anti-age anti-blemish cream jar 50 ml

Actions And Effects A treatment that helps minimise the appearance of all kinds of skin spots, which become lighter in colour. Its creamy and velvety texture blends into the skin providing nourishm..

Clarifying night cream&mask

Anti-blemishes renewing night cream-mask

Actions and effects Night treatment that restores radiance to the skin, optimizing the reduction in size and color of all types of skin spots. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Nick..

Spotless serum

Anti-age brightening lightening concentrate bottle 30 ml

Actions And Effects A concentrated corrective treatment that helps make all kinds of spots (dark spots, sunspots, age spots and signs of blemishes) become less visible and lighter in colour. It evens..

Bright eye cream SPF20

Smoothing brightening eye treatment bottle 15 ml

Actions And Effects An eye contour cream that brightens and perfects, reduces all kinds of spots (dark spots, sunspots, age spots and signs of blemishes). Active..

Spotless hand SPF15

Nourishing protective anti-blemishes hand cream tube 75 ml

Actions And EffectsIt corrects all types of spots, whatever their cause (sun, ageing or blemishes) and helps prevent their appearance. It nourishes and repairs dry skin. It does not lea..

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