Arval Laboratories, since 1955, has a unique know-how: BIO-COSMESIS. Selecting and restoring to the skin the most advanced natural and bio-active ingredients, in the highest performing concentrations.
RESULT: Bio-active formulas that the skin recognizes and makes its own, to safely reduce imperfections.


Arval science today in ultra-modern make-up formulations: the cosmetic properties of the original Swiss Apple Stem Cells, complemented by a kaleidoscope of bio-restituted active ingredients, Vitamins, precious Natural Oils, Diamond Powder, Delicious Waxes, up to Papaya Extract and Omega 3-6-9. Unprecedented effectiveness, maximum safety, color perfection.


Sublime shades, delicate textures, combined with expert make-up gestures: the most high-performance make-up ritual for every skin and every age.

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The Uttwiler Spätlauber apple from Switzerland, dating back to the 18th century, is known for its hardiness, thanks to its very rich content of phytonutrients and proteins, it is able to stay fresh longer.

The apple of youth, which reverses the passage of time...and makes the skin fresh.

The natural active ingredient based on stem cell extract obtained from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple in cosmetics helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, ensuring new vitality to the skin.

Swisse Apple Stem Cells with their pluripotency can take on a variety of tasks.
1 - They help delay skin aging with a wrinkle smoothing effect: strong anti-aging potential
2- Laboratory tests performed on the active ingredient show that Swiss Apple stem cells are able to interact with fibroblasts, stimulating skin regeneration: regenerative capacity of epidermal tissue
3 - They counteract the damage caused to skin stem cells by the aggression of UV rays: defense against UV radiation.

Foundations specifically designed to meet the different needs of the skin. Velvety formulas inspired by our facial treatment lines enriched with active ingredients with moisturizing, anti-aging, protective action, to counter the pitfalls of external agents.
Ultra fine dust powder, blush and bronze they create an impalpable and light film that adheres perfectly to the skin. Highly blendable and adjustable, they ensure easy application without creating color spots.

Concealer in two different textures: stick, for an immediate high coverage result; fluid, to naturally brighten and camouflage facial imperfections and dark circles.

La toned makeup base, fresh and comfortable, it chromatically evens out facial imperfections leaving the skin velvety smooth.

Mscara, in creamy formulas, designed in synergy with the bristle and silicone brushes, comb the lashes for a flawless result without smudging. Ophthalmologically tested for contact lens wearers, they are rich in nourishing active ingredients.

Eyeshadow, High-performance, velvety soft textures create intense matte or luminous color coverage. Formulas are rich in moisturizing actives that help prevent dehydration of a very delicate area while providing all-day comfort.

Pencil, soft and highly pigmented, they perfectly outline eyes and eyebrows. They offer extreme glide and blendability ensuring an immediate release of full and even color.

Eye liner of extreme precision, full color and intense, adhere perfectly to the eyelids without weighing them down, giving definition to the eyes and a matte or glossy finish.

Primer, creamy, slightly pigmented, it evens out the tone of the eyelids and fixes the eyeshadow for a long time. The presence of active ingredients with anti-aging and moisturizing action, help to keep the skin soft and smooth, fighting the aging of a very delicate area.

Biphasic makeup remover, cleanses all types of make-up, even waterproof. A specific formula to gently remove makeup from the eye and lip area, enriched with soothing, decongestant ingredients.

Lipstick in creamy, very smooth, easy-to-apply textures that release a full, even film of color from the very first application. Ultra-light, featherweight colors adhere perfectly to lips to keep them soft and moisturised all day long. Formulas are enriched with emollient and anti-aging ingredients for comfort and protection.

Gloss in ultra-comfortable, lightweight and non-sticky texture, offer a slightly tinted glossy finish. The formula is enriched with emollient oils for repair and anti-aging action to help keep lips moisturised and protected from the elements.

Pencil in a soft, glide-on texture, outline lips with a stroke of intense, long-lasting color. The formula is enriched with natural waxes that prevent lips from drying out and help keep lipstick on longer.

Nail treatments in addition to the ultra-bright or nude satin effect, thanks to the wealth of specific active ingredients in the formulas, they guarantee greater resistance and health to fragile and delicate nails. They offer protection and a visibly cared-for appearance.