Eternal Youth Aftershave

Eternal Youth Aftershave

anti-wrinkle aftershave cream bottle 50 ml

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After-shave cream with a lightweight texture. Its fast-absorbing creamy formula has anti-aging properties to combat wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity and to reduce shaving stress. Designed to maintain and provide a youthful appearance to men’s skin, it restores the correct hydration balance, providing comfort and hydration to the skin. It nourishes and helps to fight oxidative stress to counteract and reduce early signs of skin aging and maintain a youthful appearance. The skin will be more toned and revitalized, wrinkles smoothed out, and expression lines minimized. Used daily after shaving, it rebalances the epidermis, provides hydration, and softens the skin.

Active Principles
Oligopeptide Complex: elasticizing, toning, anti-aging
Methylsilanol Mannuronate: moisturizing, anti-free radicals
Ceramide: compacting, anti-dryness
Panthenol: moisturizing, soothing
Jojoba Oil: liporestitutive
Macadamia Oil: strengthening, nourishing
Shea Butter: nourishing, emollient


Apply daily to the entire face after shaving, focusing on the most sensitive areas to help gradually reduce irritation caused by the razor. As a day/night anti-aging treatment to improve the condition of tired skin, use the product daily, even several times a day.

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