Extra precision eye liner

Extra precision eye liner

matte eye liner bottle 6 ml

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Highly-pigmented liquid eyeliner, it applies perfectly on the eyelid without weighing it down. Easy to apply thanks to its felt-tip brush that offers a smooth and even colour application, for precise and well-defined results. The formula is enriched with anti-ageing and humectant active ingredients that keep the skin moisturised and help keep the colour in place all day long. It gives definition, full and intense colour, and a matte finish. Fragrance free.

Active ingredients
Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract: its anti-ageing, regenerating, and protective properties help effectively counter skin ageing.
Glycerin: moisturising and humectant agent.
Jellifying agents: for an even colour application.

Stretch the eyelid and design a thin and precise line at the root of the eyelashes.

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