Puractiva is a cosmetic regimen that Arval’s Swiss Laboratories have formulated to solve the problems of anyone with oily skin

The phenomenon of oily skin is border line in the range of pathological conditionscaused by the correlation between hormones and sebum production.

A daily and attentive cosmetic ritual, starting with careful and constant cleaning can help to minimise and control excessive cutaneous oiliness, helping to prevent and mitigate associated skin problems and inflammatory degenerations.

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Pure Cleanser

balancing cleansing foam bottle 200 ml

Light foaming fluid. Actions And Effects Delicately and efficiently removes impurities, excess sebum secretions and eve..

Pure Toner

purifying toning lotion bottle 200 ml

Rebalancing toning lotion, enriched with precious distillates. Actions And Effects Brings a notable and immediate sensation of freshness and well-being. Exercises a delicate astringent..

Bio-Matifying System

balancing matt emulsion bottle 50 ml

Light and delicate oil-free fluid. Actions And Effects For a natural and mat complexion, without shiny areas. For daily Use, contains an extract of shea butter..

Bio-Balancing Cream

purifying restoring cream bottle 50 ml

Purifying emulsion, 24-hour action with a light and delicate texture. Actions And Effects Assures comfort and correct moisture while contributing to constant cell renewal to smo..

Pure Perfect Color

purifying tinted cream tube 50 ml

Coloured cream that unifies with matt effect. Actions And Effects Especially formulated for combination and oily skins, helps to reduce the excessive production of sebum and th..


purifying balancing balm bottle 30 ml

Fresh balsam with an intense purifying action, developed to fight impurities, reduce the visibility of the pores and dry out the impurities of oily and impure skin Actions And E..

Purifying Mask

purifying balancing mask tube 75 ml

Soft and fresh mask-pack for a purifying and micro-exfoliating cleanse. Actions And Effects Absorbs impurities and excessive sebum, exercises a normalising and gently astringent..

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