Pure Perfect Color

Pure Perfect Color

purifying tinted cream tube 50 ml

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Coloured cream that unifies with matt effect.

Actions And Effects
Especially formulated for combination and oily skins, helps to reduce the excessive production of sebum and the shiny effect, minimises dilated pores, visibly reduces imperfections and gives the skin a perfect level of moisture. The light and creamy textures of Pure Perfect Color, thanks to the special pigments that create a unique opaque finish, becomes like a second skin, with a light coverage and a healthy and natural radiance. The uniform finish is perfectly suited to the specific tone of any complexion. The skin is purified, the colour is fresh, radiant and perfectly homogeneous. Oil-free formula.

Active Principles
Mastic Gum from Chios (precious balsamic resin derived from the bark of a tree native to the island of Chios - Pistacia lentiscus): rebalancing and matting properties.
Birch Extract: astringent action.
Hawthorn Extract: astringent and normalising action.
Sage Extract: purifying and sebum-balancing effect.

For oily and impure skins.

Apply with a light touch on the face and neck that have been thoroughly cleaned. Perfect on its own or under foundation for greater coverage.

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