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Hyaluronic Comfort

anti-ageing moisturiser for normal and mixed skin jar 50 ml

Actions And EffectsA 24h treatment to offer an intense moisturising and anti-ageing action, aimed at improving the appearance and condition of normal and combination skin, counteracting the shiny effe..

Tan Times face

concentrated anti-aging elixir – quick self tanner bottle 30ml

Concentrated elixir in drops with a self-tanning and anti-aging action, offering a naturally tanned and perfectly even complexion from the very first application. Thanks to the presence of highly mois..

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Tan Times body

enlightening fluid – quick self tanner bottle 150ml

A fluid with a self-tanning action, ideal for the body and legs, it offers a naturally tanned, perfectly even complexion from the very first application, giving uniform colour and light to the skin an..

Rich Cell Defence Cream

rich nourishing defence cream bottle 50 ml

A cream with a rich velvety texture. Actions And Effects A cream for intense anti-ageing and anti-pollution action: repairs, nourishes and protects, providing an immediate an..

Specifical Day Factor

protective antiwrinkle day cream jar 50 ml

Intensive and fast absorption day treatment. Actions And Effects Helps to attenuate the signs of time and to recover suppleness and vitality. Also perfect as a make- up base, r..

Instant Direct Action SPF30

day firming soothing treatment jar 50 ml

Cream with a rich, silky texture enriched with special colour pigments to even out and protect the complexion during the day. Actions and Effects Acts as a barrier against external aggression and en..

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