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antiwrinkle restoring cream jar 50 ml

Balsam-cream with a rich and full-bodied texture to restore the well-being of damaged and dry skin, lacking in essential lipids. Actions And Effects Rich and full-bodied trea..

Rich Cell Defence Cream

rich nourishing defence cream bottle 50 ml

A cream with a rich velvety texture. Actions And Effects A cream for intense anti-ageing and anti-pollution action: repairs, nourishes and protects, providing an immediate an..

All You Need Skin Care Duo

Total Protection Cream SPF15 jar 50 ml + Purifying Hand Cream tube 75 ml

Everything your skin needs for the new safety and beauty requirements. To prevent the attack of the new enemies of our wellbeing, while protecting and repairing hands and face, not only against age..

Instant Direct Action SPF30

day firming soothing treatment jar 50 ml

Cream with a rich, silky texture enriched with special colour pigments to even out and protect the complexion during the day. Actions and Effects Acts as a barrier against external aggression and en..

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