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Soin Vital

multipurpose antiwrinkle cream jar 50 ml

Soin Vital is a rich and soft emulsion derived from phytosterols enriched with Active Principles selected to offer global protection against the signs of time, it helps to maintain the natural hydro..

All You Need Skin Care Duo

Total Protection Cream SPF15 jar 50 ml + Purifying Hand Cream tube 75 ml

Everything your skin needs for the new safety and beauty requirements. To prevent the attack of the new enemies of our wellbeing, while protecting and repairing hands and face, not only against age..

Face & neck cream SPF30

Anti-age anti-blemish cream jar 50 ml

Actions And Effects A treatment that helps minimise the appearance of all kinds of skin spots, which become lighter in colour. Its creamy and velvety texture blends into the skin providing nourishm..

Hydra Rich

moisturising cream for dry skin jar 50 ml

Rich and enveloping 24-hour cream for dry skins. Actions And Effects Treatment that ensures an immediate moisturising (*) effect, makes the skin soft, velvety and pleasantly ..

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