Refreshing rehydrating after sun lotion bottle 400 ml

Refreshing rehydrating after sun lotion bottle 400 ml

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A fresh and lightweight aftersun lotion, ideal for giving an immediate sensation of freshness to sun-exposed skin. Quickly absorbed, it protects against premature aging caused by the sun and fights dehydration. It prevents peeling and prolongs the tan, leaving a bright and long-lasting color. Dermatologically tested.

Active Ingredients
Biotechnology-derived polysaccharides: a multi-sensory sugar polymer obtained by biotechnological fermentation, it provides hydration both in the short term by giving immediate relief to "tight skin," and in the long term by helping to restore the right level of skin hydration. Due to its property of creating an imperceptible film on the skin it protects and moisturizes, leaving the skin very soft and supple
Carob seed extract: has the ability to stimulate melanin synthesis, accelerating the tan by a natural mechanism, keeping it longer

How to use
Apply the product generously after exposure. Spread evenly over the entire body.

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