Rice Cleanse & Scrub

Rice Cleanse & Scrub

rice exfoliating cream tube 125 ml

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A gentle scrub that removes impurities and dead cells to restore the skin’s natural radiance. 

Actions And Effects
The formulation is enriched with natural granules obtained from rice husks ground into tiny spherical particles, which gently remove dead cells and thickened
tissue, to ensure deep cleansing and an immediate luminous effect. The skin looks fresh,
radiant and replenished. Specifi c active ingredients refresh and tone, helping the skin maintain its natural moisture.

Active Principles
Natural grains of rice: the plant-based grains gently remove keratinised cells, help microcirculation at the superfi cial level and eliminate toxins for a thorough, natural cleansing;
Beeswax: moisturizing, emollient, and protective for the skin barrier;
Rice brain oil: moisturizing, emollient, and smoothing. Deeply
nourishing without altering the tissue’s natural pH;
Shea butter: emollient, hydrating, intensely moisturising, nourishing,
helps regenerate the skin barrier;
Almond oil: anti-oxidant, reduces wrinkle and stretch marks, rich in
vitamins A and E, as well as linoleic and oleic acids.

After cleansing apply to face and neck with a light circular massage, avoiding the area around the eyes. Rinse with warm water. For dry skins, after use apply the most suitable Arval Tonic for your skin type.
1 time a week for dry skin.
2 times a week for combination to oily skin.

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