Soin Sublime

Soin Sublime

firming anti-ageing pearly cream SPF20 jar 50 ml

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Soin Sublime, is a light enveloping cream designed to restore the tone and the compactness of the skin to create ageless beauty

Actions And Effects
The presence of specific active ingredients supports the moisturising and nourishing action to bring comfort and radiance to the face. The features appear more uniform, the skin tone improves, whilst the frown lines are less obvious with a complete anti-ageing action.
The soft focus agents means that the skin appears more radiant and vital and the colour is more luminous. The presence of UV filters helps to reduce the photo-aging effect and prevent the formation of skin discolouration.

Active Principles
Hydroxyproline lipovector: biotechnological derived active ingredient, it has notable anti-ageing properties that work with a triple action: it stimulates the contraction of collagen fibres, the elastin offers protection against the enzymatic breakage of the fibres and it reduces the level of free radicals. Helps to reduce lines, restore skin tone and suppleness.
Mekabu (concentrate extracted from the fertile bases of Wakame Algae or Undaria Pinnafitida): dark macro-algae that grows at depths of 7 metres on the rocky seabeds of Japan, Korea and China. Helps to improve the appearance of the epidermis and make the skin more luminous thanks to its anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing properties and the activation of protein synthesis. It helps to activate the genes involved in the synthesis of the extra-cellular matrix: collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans, but also their "fixing" and positioning in the matrix for a global restructuring effect.

Suitable for all skin types that require a firming and restructuring anti-ageing effect.

Apply Soin Sublime in the morning on the face and neck with light movements, avoiding the eye contour area. Apply Lifting Elixir before to maximise the firming effect. The skin is severely dehydrated we suggest to use the product with Soin Vital for a preventive action.

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