Ultra Times SPF6

Ultra Times SPF6

spray tanning oil bottle 125ml

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Ultra-tanning SPF oil, that sinks in fast, is not greasy and leaves the skin soft and elastic. Thanks to its dual-action, protective and ultra-nourishing formula, enriched with ACTIVE BRONZING, a special melanin stimulator, it helps activate the skin’s natural pigmentation process and extend the tan. It promotes an even, long-lasting tan that develops faster, while the eudermic plant-based oils protect from irritation, redness and erythema. In addition, it helps counter free radicals and prevent dehydration that accelerates peeling and makes the tan uneven. 

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients

Active Bronzing (Walnut Hull Extract): helps activate the skin's natural pigmentation process. 
Eudermic oils of plant origin (Peanuts and Corn): soothing effect, antioxidant properties, anti-free radicals.

How to use

Apply the product on the face and body before sunbathing and swimming. Caution is advised during the application: being that the product is slightly amber-toned, it could cause unsightly stains on fabrics.

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