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ultra-tanning cream bottle 150ml

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A cream that intensifies the tan, enriched with ACTIVE BRONZING, it helps activate melanin production, promoting a faster, more even and long-lasting tan. It amplifies and intensifies the skin’s natural pigmentation process and, thanks to active ingredients with antioxidant properties, it actively counters photo-ageing phenomena. Its formula, a concentrate of eudermic oils and plant extracts, makes it possible to prevent skin peeling, preserve the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, keeping the skin hydrated and toned for as long as it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients
Active Bronzing (Walnut Hull Extract): helps activate the skin's natural pigmentation process.
Horsetail extract: antioxidant action, moisturising and firming properties.
Avocado oil: dermoprotective, emollient action.
Sweet Almond Oil: moisturising, nourishing action.
Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5): soothing and regenerating action; moisturises, softens and makes the skin supple.
Vitamin C: antioxidant, regenerating action.
Vitamin E: antioxidant action, combats free radicals.

How to use
Apply the product on the face and body before sunbathing and swimming. It does not have sun filtering properties. During exposure it is advisable to apply protection that is suitable for your skin type subsequently to Sun Times. 

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