Ultra comfort after sun body cream bottle 200 ml

Ultra comfort after sun body cream bottle 200 ml

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A rich creamy aftersun treatment, for immediate relief after sunbathing. Helps keep optimal moisture levels and slows skin flaking for a longer lasting tan. The product's active ingredients (edelweiss extract, vitamin E, marine elastin) help neutralise the oxidising effect of free radicals, protecting the skin from signs of ageing. Thanks to a formula rich in moisturising, soothing and anti-ageing substances, it provides the skin with an immediate sensation of well-being and protection against free radicals. The result is a more even, longer lasting tan. Suitable for the body.
Dermatologically tested.

Active Ingredients
Bionative Melanins: contribute to a rapid, deep and lasting tan.
Edelweiss Extract: has anti-oxidant properties and fights free radicals. Ideal for sensitive, sun- damaged skin because it also contains tannin-enhanced phenolic acids with anti-ageing properties and other elements with a soothing effect.
Vitamin E: actively helps defend the skin against oxidative stress and free radicals generated by IR rays.
Marine Elastin: extracted from connective tissue of marine origin; its composition similar to human elastin is effective in slowing down skin ageing.
Collagen: fights skin ageing, improves skin tone and moisture.
Panthenol: soothing and refreshing action.
Hyaluronic Acid: a natural constituent of connective tissue, widely used in cosmetics for its powerful moisturising properties.
Glycyrrhetinic Acid: soothing and anti-redness properties.

How to use
Apply liberally to cleansed skin after sunbathing.

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