Soothing moisturizing sun water face & body bottle 300 ml

Soothing moisturizing sun water face & body bottle 300 ml

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A refreshing water spray, based on the purest Swiss glacier water, naturally rich in essential minerals, helps sun-sensitized skin absorb moisture and gives a pleasant sensation of immediate coolness. Its special formula, consisting of a concentrated mix of active ingredients, Cornflower floral water, Aloe Vera gel, with multiple beneficial soothing and cooling properties, helps relieve redness caused by exposure to the sun. An excellent source of natural moisture for the face and the body, the perfect answer to replenish thirsty skin while sunbathing. Pure freshness to help alleviate the sensation of heat and provide rapid relief. The result is a fresh, moisturized skin with a delicate fragrance. Alcohol-free. Dermatologically tested.

Active Ingredients
Cornflower floral water: (Centaurea cyanus) a centuries-old flower, widely used for its anti- inflammatory, soothing and decongestant properties, helps to relieve the effects of redness.
Aloe Vera gel: well-known for its many soothing, moisturising and regenerating cosmetic properties, it is full of vitamins and minerals:
• Vitamin A: known for its regenerating action.
• Vitamin C: in addition to its antioxidant effect, it also acts as a co-factor in the biosynthesis of collagen.
• Vitamin E: its antioxidant properties help protect the skin, preventing damage to the cellular membrane.
• Group B vitamins, including vitamin B5 which has an anti-dehydration action. Aloe has an important mineral content: iron, chromium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, copper, sodium, zinc, boron, all substances that favour the enhancement of damaged, sensitised skin.
The moisturising properties of Aloe are also significant: the presence of polysaccharides, chains of simple sugars such as glucose and galactose, helps to retain the water naturally present on the skin, and protects it from external agents. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making the epidermis supple and helping to counteract the effects of skin ageing.
Swiss Glacier Water: from the centuries-old glacier located at 3000 meters above sea level, comes water of the purest quality, rich in minerals, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper, whose special properties moisturize the skin for an immediate sensation of coolness.

How to use
Spray as required on face and body from a distance of about 20 cm. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

This product has no sun filtering properties. During sunbathing, a sunscreen with an appropriate SPF should also be applied. Do not use on children. Never stay out in the sun too long, even when using a sunscreen product. Keep babies and small children away from direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight is a serious health risk.

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