An integrated and effective strategy that the Swiss Arval Laboratories have formulated to modulate positively the chronological ageing process of the skin.

The Surviva objectives:
• repair and reintegrate the skin's poor moisture and nourishment;
• soften and attenuate expression lines and the signs of ageing;
• slow down the appearance of wrinkles and the phenomenon of skin ageing.

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Specifical Cleanser Factor

rich cleansing milk bottle 300 ml

Rich, soft and delicate cleanser milk. Actions And Effects Effectively cleanses with extreme delicacy and helps to eliminate make-up leav..

Specifical Toned Factor

revitalizing tonic lotion bottle 300 ml

Light and fresh toning lotion without alcohol and enriched with soothing vegetable extracts. Actions And Effects Combines daily cleansing with a tonin..

Ultra Active Serum

anti-aging repair serum bottle 30 ml

An innovative, rich but not non-oily texture serum, quenches and restructures the complexion’s features for immediate comfort. Actions And EffectsA complete redensifying and anti-ageing action, which..

Specifical Day Factor

protective antiwrinkle day cream jar 50 ml

Intensive and fast absorption day treatment. Actions And Effects Helps to attenuate the signs of time and to recover suppleness and vitality. Also perfect as a make- up base, r..

Specially Ultrariched Factor

restitutive antiwrinkle night cream jar 50 ml

Ultra-rich night cream offering immediate comfort. Actions And Effects Developed to reintegrate the skin's lipid balance and as an anti-wrinkle treatment, thanks to the richnes..

Vital Eyes

anti-age eye contour serum bottle 15 ml

Fresh and delicate hydro-gel concentrate, immediate absorption. Fragrance free. Actions And Effects Moistures and smooths the eye contour area. Offers an immediate feeling of we..

Special Eyes and Lips

anti-wrinkle treatment for eye contour and lips bottle 30 ml

Serum-cream with a comfortable texture, absorbs immediately leaving the skin feeling extended. Actions And Effects Developed to work on micro-lines in the lip and eye contour area. ..

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